Students start measuring climate change at wetland centres

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Last updated: December 9th, 2021

Our Erasmus+ project Biowet has brought young people together and started gathering data! Pupils from Dokka High School in Norway went to the UK to meet long-term volunteers from EVOA in Portugal. The host for this visit was WWT's wetland centre at Martin Mere, and the young placement students based there took a leadership role in the week of activity.

Biowet is about young people from across Europe figuring out how they can monitor climate change at their local wetland visitor centres. Over five days of discussion and field surveys, the group identified how we can look for trends despite the differences between the climate and conditions of wetland centres in very different places.

They identified species shared across the spread from Norway to Portugal; equivalent species; and trends within sites. They looked at existing datasets, and at creating new Biowet criteria for centres to start looking at.

Bringing a group of 17 and 18 year olds get together leads to a lot of Instagram posts. Have a look at the project's own profile for highlights, or the hashtag #biowet to see what the participants got up to.

Overall, this first visit met its objectives. The participants are going to analyse their findings and prepare feedback for the future participants. Best of all they will get to meet again online to share their feedback, in webinar in April 2019. After that, we will look into sharing the methodology and indicators with any wetland centre that wishes to use them to measure climate change with young people.


Pupils examining a bucket of feed

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