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Last updated: June 20th, 2019

Something is breeding in the Uitkerkse Polder!

Young nature lovers be prepared!

Even this spring, the visitor centre Uitkerkse Polder offers pure fun, with brand new spaces to play in nature.

willow work!

Discover the "Kievit" (=Lapwing) nature play area and the "Kievitspad" nature experience trail.

The play area has the shape of a flying lapwing from a bird's eye view and consists of adventurous climbing frames and ropes, a willow house, a cosy tree house and a tree trunk bench with a view of the polder. Bee, butterfly and bird-friendly plants brighten up the playground completely.

The 1 km hiking trail around the visitor centre is now called the "Kievitspad", after the typical meadow bird in the Uitkerkse Polder. Armed with a series of assignments, binoculars and a search card, you will discover the lapwing and its bird friends every season.

Natuurpunt Blankenberge and Natuurpunt Beheer vzw received grateful financial support for these initiatives from the City of Blankenberge and the Province of West Flanders.

Public opening: Sunday 28 April 2019 - welcome from 13:30 to 17:30!



Natuurpunt Blankenberge

Bezoekerscentrum Uitkerkse Polder

Kuiperscheeweg 20

8370 Blankenberge

T: 050 42 90 40


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