Netherlands: Buitencentrum “Oostvaardersplassen”

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Last updated: June 20th, 2019

National Park New Land is a fact! 

Since 1 October 2018, the Netherlands has gained a new National Park. The Minister has granted “Nieuw Land” the status of National Park.

National Park “Nieuw Land” consists of the Oostvaardersplassen, Lepelaarplassen, Marker Wadden and the Markermeer. The areas together form the youngest National Park in the Netherlands on the bottom of the former Zuiderzee.

The area of 29,000 hectares would never have existed without the reclamation of Flevoland. Combining the four nature reserves in one National Park offers new opportunities for strengthening the ecological and tourist significance of Nieuw Land.

A gigantic wetland with open water, extensive reed beds and wet grasslands, in which bird life comes first. The Oostvaardersplassen will be better connected with the Lepelaarplassen and the Markermeer. This will make it easier for birds to forage in one area and rest or breed in another.

In the coming years we want to further strengthen nature and make the area accessible for visitors, to show its qualities to their best advantage

For the two visitor centres (near Lelystad and Almere), plans are being worked out within the framework of the National Park to expand the activity programme in the so-called ‘gate areas’. The aim is to give visitors to the National Park in the peripheral zones a unique experience of the Oostvaardersplassen during walks, jeep safaris and Eco-car excursions through the area.

There we will be small-scale events, in which we will draw attention to nature (especially bird life in the wetland) and contribute to raising public awareness of nature in this beautiful national park.

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