Russia comes to WWT Slimbridge

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Last updated: June 20th, 2019

Our long-time colleagues Eugene Genelt-Yanovskiy and Yulia Danilova of the Baltic Fund for Nature visited us at WWT Slimbridge, UK, and took a look at our new exhibit, a replica of a tundra research station. WWT’s historic work with migratory birds included sending out scientists to the Arctic tundra, and we have re-created a research station in our wetland centre grounds, complete with scientific equipment, and the bare essentials for living and working in a remote and inhospitable place. This is all part of our new lottery-funded development linked to the achievements of our founder, Sir Peter Scott.

Chris Rostron, Yulia Danilova, Eugene Genelt-Yanovskiy and Connor Walsh at WWT’s tundra hut

Whilst Eugene and Yulia were here, we also discussed developing the network of wetland centres in Russia and how to link to our MBP flyway project, they came with ideas for our new map and a great game to engage schoolchildren.

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