Participation of our intern Adil Boulahia in a new initiative: the Flight Of The Osprey !

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Last updated: July 15th, 2022

WLI supports the flight of Osprey


Wetland Link International is proud to support and collaborate with the incredible Sacha Dench, the first woman to cross the Channel by Paramotor. We are delighted to be part of the Conservation without Borders advisory team.

Sacha has confirmed her bold new project to follow the osprey migration route next fall by travelling about 10,000 km over 15 countries, which is not an easy journey, but as we all know, Sacha is an incredible adventurer and a passionate conservationist.

Since his beginnings as a member of our team, WLI has integrated its new intern into this new initiative “The Flight of the Osprey” given his language skills, local knowledge of Morocco and motivation. Adil ensures, among other things, contact with various people who can support the project.

In addition to his tasks at the office for this project, our intern from Morocco had the opportunity to attend a recruitment weekend in Wales. He learnt at first hand what is involved in delivering such an ambitious expedition by participating in a challenging set of adventurous activities in Wales.



During this training, Adil showed great resistance and patience and was able to find a place in a team of different nationalities and cultures. He participated in several team tasks, such as meal preparation for the team, and team-building exercises to improve group work, including mental and physical exercises.

One of the exercises was particularly memorable, a night expedition where the team walked 10 miles, exploring a large forest and walking by the river in the dark. The purpose of this exercise was to improve communication within the team and to find the right route to the destination specified after a calculation on the map.

To conclude, our Moroccan colleague is ready to give himself body and soul for this experience whose cause is so noble. WLI will, therefore, continue its support through Adil and the contribution of the staff for an excellent osprey migration with Sacha in 2020.