Summer Camp for the Secret of Wetlands

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Last updated: April 29th, 2022

On this mid-July, Tongli National Wetland Park held a camp activity for children, which brought them a sense of delight to explore the secret of wetlands and a pleasant memory in summer.

summer Camp for the secret of Wetlands

This summer camp lasted five days from 9-13, July. We provided the kids varied events each day. On the First Day (9th, July), there were seven participants got together in the nature classroom of park, beginning their journey to the magical wetlands under the leadership of ecological guides. The first event was a series of simple experiments to let the kids feel the wetlands, and learn how the wetlands work generally.

summer Camp for the secret of Wetlands1

We started with theory, and processed with action. On the Second Day (10th, July), we conducted an expedition deep into the wetlands, mainly carried out a birdwatching. Early in the morning, the kids came inside the park by the Wetland Train at first, we arrived the destination, where it has a bird-watching wall for us to observe, and the ecological guides taught them how to use the telescopes to watch the birds carefully, and told them what the birds they observed. Meanwhile, it was surprised that there were many kinds of birds were founded by us in the blooming lotus pond, like Chinese pond-herons, jacanas, and common moorhens, the ecological guides interpreted the living habits of each of those birds in the wetlands, which made the kids benefits well.

On the Third Day (11th, July), we walked into the forest, learning and knowing different wetland plants, being aware of the importance of which. First, one of the ecological guides showed the kids some leaves of plants, let them identify what it is made from. Then again, we took the kids to the nature classroom, teaching them how to make the specimens of wetland plants by themselves, appraising and electing the most splendid one among kids they made.

After the handmade event, we carried out a Fruit Picking activity. At first, an ecological guide displayed the kids some parts of fruits, like peels and kernels of a pear. That’s right, there is an expanse of pear trees garden inside the wetland park, and of course then we brought the kids to the garden cause it is the right time to pick the pears in summer of each year. Lastly, every kid picked the lovely pears under the assistance of garden staff and guide, being filled of happiness with fruitful results literally.

On the Fourth Day (12th, July), we moved to the Educated Youth & Art Center, where is the exhibition place of park, containing multiple components for the living age of educated youth to the tourists. We arranged for kids to play various interactive activities, such as handcrafting the bamboo wares, breaking off the corns, making the cold-dressed cucumbers and frying the local traditional food fatty chicken. The kids not only enjoyed the delicious food and what they did, but sufficiently experienced a glance of educated youth’s life style and learned to cherish the good life now.

On the Final Day (13th, July), we took some classes to deliver the idea for defending our wetlands to the kids, and summing up what we have learnt from last four days at this summer camp. Certainty, we should and must love and take care of the wetlands from myself as a kid, and take action for now.

Moreover, we held a graduation ceremony for these seven kids and invited their parents to attend together to commemorate this moment, and provided them delicious food to enjoy the happy hour of the summer camp. The wetlands exploration is never stand still, there will be more secrets for us waiting to be discovered, so we will strive to continue to hold more excellent camp activities for exploring the secrets of wetlands in the future, provide the superior services for the tourists, and live up to the Ramsar Convention as a member of Wetland Parks in the world.