How COVID has affected your work: survey findings

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Last updated: November 3rd, 2020

In August, we asked WLI members how the COVID-19 pandemic had affected their work. Twenty-three responded. There is some bad news about colleagues losing their jobs, with this affecting 13 % of thge centres that responded. Forty-eight percent of the wetland centres are fully open; 26 % open in a limited capacity, and 26 % are shut.

The strongest call is for digital support, with images, video, and teaching materials suitable for sharing online. Nearly three-quarters have already been doing this, but 43 % still would like materials to share.

chart: social media is top at 88%. Then recorded video at 70%. Then lesson guides at 53%. Then live video at 23%, recorded audio at 12 %, webinars at 6 %, and 0 live audio.

The greatest variability is around school visits:

Schools operating: 78 % yes, 22 % no.
Then: schools allowed into wetland centre: 56 % yes, 35 % no, 9 % N/A

When it comes to general visitation, some centres have made changes to how they operate. More than half provide hand-washing facilities, are limiting the number of visitors, or have staff wearing masks.

Hand washing: 59 %; staff wearing masks and limits to visitor numbers both 54.5 %; Visitors obliged to wear masks 50 %; Outdoors-only 27 %; one-way system 18 %; online booking-only 9 %.

When we initially shared the survey, we also linked to some activities and measures WLI members have taken. Have a look for some inspiration!

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