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Last updated: April 11th, 2022

To Sacha and all the team of Conservation Without Borders, we are thinking of you after the terrible accident that happened a few weeks ago as you neared the end of your round-Britain paramotor flight. We love you and what you do. You have made the world a better place for wetlands, for wetland species, and for people.

We worked with Sacha as part of the Flight of the Swans project, an inspirational expedition about migratory birds, in 2016. You visited many WLI member wetland centres on that trip. There you met children and adults and changed their outlook on the world. The spark of inspiration in a young girl's eyes; the nod of acknowledgement from a hunter; the energised work of wetland centre staff. You did all this and more, and changed how people saw their wetlands for the better.

In 2021, members of WLI started preparing educational materials to coincide with your planned Flight of the Osprey on the East Atlantic Flyway. Some of them know you personally, some only by reputation.

They have been in touch expressing concern and care for Sacha Dench, Dan Burton's family, and the Conservation Without Borders team since the accident in September.

Whatever the future holds, we treasure what you have already done for wetlands. We stand ready to work with you again soon for wetlands, wildlife and people.

Updates from Conservation Without Borders.

Flight of the Swans legacy with WLI members.

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