EVOA visit November 2021

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Published: December 9th, 2021

Report from EVOA on the visit there in November 2021, as reported in the MBP Newsletter

This month we were happy to receive the last Biowet Exchange week. Was a busy week.
The Norwegian students started visiting Lisbon Oceanaraium and talking about climate changes in the oceans, and how that could impact our life.
Then they learned about rice fields, how Companhia das Lezírias produces rice and the importance along the year of this habitat to waterbirds, and how climate change and human action, through exotic introduction are a big challenge to solve.
Going straight to Tagus Estuary, where we saw an osprey, we taste the plants, like Sarcocornia among others, returning we stopped at three hides to see the birds.
A lot of teals, black-tailed godwits, glossy-ibis, some purple gallinules and flamingos.
In the afternoon the Portuguese show there school and we did a short laboratory session, analysing water and pellets.

Next day, after a boat tour around the estuary, we had a chat about sea rising level and consequences for this littoral areas.
After lunch, we visit villa Franca de Xira village, and a little house, used by the traditional fishermen’s that catch Alosa alosa, nowadays very difficult to find in the river.

On Wednesday, we started with a passerine and ducks ringed session, after lunch an inspirational talk with a PhD student that works with waders in Portugal and Bijagos.

Some games, and a sunset visit to the lagoons, preparing to the high point of the day a barn owl observation session, here the students saw not only barn owls, but also Shorted-eared-owl. At same time Pedro did a moth and moon, planets session.

Thursday was more about sustainability. We started with biological wine production and cork oak forest. Then lunching nearby the dam, where we have our precious water for the Portuguese hot summer.

The last day, was about other impacted wetlands. We went to the beach and identified the macro-benthic fauna there. Then after lunch at the most European occidental point – Cabo da Roca, we visited the dunes and ended nearby the Discoveries Patron, where we did our last roleplay activity with our hands together while we connected all the matters we spoke during the week.
Everything is connected, and each of us and everyone can make a big difference with our choices.


See the original story with photos in the MBP newsletter number 41.

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