Connecting Birds and Schools in 2022

Do you know a school that would like to join a live video link-up for World Migratory Bird Day?

In 2022 we want to run our unique video conferences in May and October.

We are partnering with Environment for the Americas, the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership, and Migratory Birds for People, to arrange conference on at least five continents.

How it works

Wetland visitor centres in the same flyway arrange a class about migratory birds for a local school, and a week or so later, the centres all join in a video call. The children tell each other about the visit; they talk about what they learned; and they share their actions for the annual them of World Migratory Bird Day.

Everyone answers the same questions, from north to south, and then back up south to north again.

If you have good connections with a local school, and the children can communicate in a shared language with other countries to the north or south, get in touch!

The children love the experience, and you can promote it on the official website of World Migratory Bird Day, as well as with WLI.


There are two opportunities: early May, and Early October. We usually hold the video conference on a school day close to the second Saturday in each month. But the main thing is finding a day that works for multiple schools up and down the flyway.


What is World Migratory Bird Day

Previous Connecting Birds and Schools activities

Theme 2022
The theme this year is how light pollution affects migrating birds

WLI concept note
Includes procedures and safeguarding.

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