A year of women’s nature webinars

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Last updated: March 7th, 2022

This International Women’s Day we mark the efforts of the Salem Ornithological Foundation of Tamil Nadu, India, to connect women nature enthusiasts with varying levels of expertise across the State.

For a full year, they organised the weekly Tamil Nature Webinar Series, presented exclusively by women birders and nature enthusiasts from Tamil Nadu. For short: SOF Sunday Talkies.

In total sixty two women presented their talks: photographers, nature educators, home makers, research scholars, college professors, school teachers, doctors, school and college students. The youngest was just six years old!

You can watch recordings of the webinars on SOF’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

“One of the highlights or uniqueness about this webinar series was that regardless of age, experience or credentials, every woman who's a nature enthusiast was welcome to speak. We wanted to value and respect the interest first, so we didn't keep any eligibility criteria to speak in the series. In fact, most of the speakers were first-timers", says Ganeshwar SV, Founder & Director, SOF.

Chief Program Coordinator at SOF, Angeline Mano M, says “We hope that the set of webinars not only helped the speakers to bring out their unique perspectives but also inspired everyone who joined the sessions.”


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