2022 East Atlantic Flyway Youth Forum with fundraising focus

The EAFYF 2022 will be all about fundraising. On July 9 and 10, young people (aged 18 – 30) from the East Atlantic Flyway will be able to learn from Maaike Manten in a compressed online course on grant writing in conservation, and hear inspiring stories from fellow youth who have made their conservation plans a reality through effective fundraising. A selection of donors will also share their experience with successful  fundraising proposals. To make the Forum accessible for more youth, interpretation will be available for English and French.

The EAFYF will provide training on  fundamental conservation skills: developing and designing a robust project and funding proposal. To put the learned skills into action, forum participants will have the opportunity to apply for a small CEPA grant to implement activities around World Migratory Bird Day in October 2022.
The theme of the 2022 East Atlantic Flyway Youth Forum was chosen based on the feedback from the 2021 Forum participants and discussion among the Flyway Youth Ambassadors during the preparation of the Flyway Youth Declaration. It is organised by the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, Migratory Birds for People, and Youth Engaged in Wetlands. The Forum is supported by advisors from the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA), Arctic Council, and the Ramsar Secretariat.

The forum is free of charge, but there are a maximum of 30 places available, so the Forum invites interested people to submit their applications until the end of May. To apply for a place, fill in this application form before 30 May. The organisers will make a selection based on geographical, professional, and age relevance, while also considering criteria including time commitment and access to a computer with internet access.