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Published: April 4th, 2022

On 30 April and 1 May, an online livestream will follow the sunrise to carry the sound of the dawn chorus live. The live stream is called 'Reveil', and the organiser, an arts collective called Sound Tent, is inviting WLI members to take part.

For most, this is a two-step process, where you first set up your own livestream on, and then add it to the schedule at

Learn more about the technical workload in the guide we made for wetland visitor centres last year, and learn more about the World Dawn Chorus Day event via Sound Tent:

REVEIL 9 — Call for streams

Saturday 30 April to Sunday 1 May 2022

On Dawn Chorus Day, Reveil makes a 24+1 hour loop of earth, travelling west on live audio feeds sent in by streamers at daybreak from their locations.

Reveil brings city yards, remote rural sites, fresh and salt water bodies into communication, creating a collective audit of planetary soundworlds over one earth day.

We welcome new and returning sounds, and especially invite proposals from less heard places and projects.

For details on running a stream with a phone, laptop or Raspberry Pi, see Stream.

To let us know you're joining, please sign up. You can also go ahead and create a stream page, which will be featured during the broadcast and join the Reveil  archive.

We look forward to your sounds.

Thank you
Best wishes

Reveil will be mixed by Fernando Godoy (Tsonami, Chile), Leah Barclay (Biosphere Soundscapes, Queensland) and Maria Papadomanolaki (Soundcamp, Crete). Reveil is assembled at Stave Hill Ecological Park (TCV) in London from 05:00 UTC+1 on Saturday 30th April to 06:00 on Sunday 1st May.

Streams are available on the Icecast server and public soundmap by Locus Sonus (ESAAIX). The main feed is hosted by Wave Farm WGXC in Acra NY and broadcast over 20+ FM and net radio stations around the world. Our broadcast partner in London is Resonance Extra. Reveil 9 is produced with the Acoustic Commons network: Full Of Noises, Locus Sonus, CONA, HMU, Cyberforest.

For details:
To take part: please use this short form

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