WLI visit to South Korea

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Last updated: January 24th, 2023

Chris Rostron, Jung Yin Young and Jang Ji Young at Gochange WEC

Gochang flyway exhibit

Chris Rostron, WLI Global and colleagues from WWT visited South Korea with the East Asia Australasia Flyway Partnership from 16-22 June 2022 to advise on wetlands at Hwaseong, including opportunities for a new wetland centre. The team also visited Gochang Wetland Centre, a WLI member, see photo above with the centre manager Mr Jung and Ms Jang. The centre had some great educational tools, an education/meeting space and impressive top floor viewing tower.

BFS ecocentre, Incheon

On our return to Incheon, we also visited the black-faced spoonbill friends and the new visitor centre. We hope to work with them on the Birds and Schools initiative in the East Asia Australasia Flyway. It was a great trip and we hope to continue work, particularly with the second stage of the World Heritage bid for 'getbol' or tidal mudflats.