Wetland skills celebration in Senegal

Wetland educators from West Africa and Europe are preparing to meet in Senegal next week.

A network of wetland centres and educators, called Migratory Birds for People (MBP), operates in the East Atlantic Flyway, and for over a decade has held annual meetings at the wetland centres of members.

This year they are meeting in West Africa for the first time. The event was delayed from 2020 by COVID restrictions, and has evolved into a setting for broad learning and professional development.

MBP 2022 meeting flyer

The network members work in wetland Communications, Education, Participation, or Awareness (CEPA). Every day they run visitor centres, visit schools, and monitor species.

This meeting is offering them the chance to shape their network, inspire their peers, and build their professional capacity. As an annual meeting, they will be planning for the next year's collaborations, and the in-person contact will help cement working relationships.

Six will also be early-career wetlands conservationists, who have taken part in the online Flyway Youth Forum and have been specially supported to attend. Learning will be inter-generational, inter-country, and inter-disciplinary.

Meeting in the Saloum Delta town of Ndangane, Wetlands International Afrique's local knowledge is combining with expertise and perspective from the Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative (WSFI) and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) to bring together forty people. The sessions will include capacity-building workshops, brainstorming, bird watching, interactions with school children, and presentations.

As with every MBP Annual Meeting, the network will prepare a report to summarise the plans and learning for people who could not attend in person.

The meeting has been enabled by a diverse and engaged group of funders and organisers. WSFI, WWT, and Wetlands International Afrique have all contributed many hours and funds, along with Partenariat Régional pour la Conservation de la zone Côtière et Marine en Afrique de l'Ouest , Rampao, BirdLife International, Life IP Deltanatuur, and the Netherlands Ministry for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

Find out more about the MBP network online at MigratoryBirdsForPeople.org

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