WLI at the African-Eurasian Waterbird Technical Committee Meeting

WWT is a member of AEWA’s technical committee, the African Eurasian Waterbird Agreement, which is how Chris Rostron, head of WLI global, just spent three days on the 27th floor of the UN building in Bonn, Germany.

The Technical Committee advises the agreement on the specifics of waterbird populations, and how governments and NGOs can work together to protect them. Chris focused on the CEPA part, in his role as CEPA expert to AEWA. He advised on how best we can raise awareness and promote action for wetlands and waterbirds, through things like wetland centres, flyway campaigns like World Migratory Birds Day, and by considering CEPA activities in all part of AEWA’s work.

Group portrait of participants at AEWA technical meeting in front of screen
Photo: Aydin Bahramlouian.

A productive and inspiring week, building relationships and inputting to our global approaches to wetland conservation. For more on AEWA see their website.