2nd Mayoral Wetland City Meeting, 2023

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Published: June 12th, 2023

The Ramsar Wetland City Accreditation scheme recognises cities that are doing great things for internationally important wetlands. It’s part of the Convention on Wetlands, and offers the chance to reach large urban populations to raise awareness of wetlands, incorporate wetland-friendly urban initiatives (like SuDS), and take action for existing wetlands.

Chris Rostron and Alex Hughes of the WLI team at the 2nd Mayors Roundtable on Wetland City Accreditation

Chris Rostron and Alex Hughes, of the WWT international Engagement Team, went out for the three-day meeting in Amiens, France, to support the independent advisory group and meet wetland city mayors from across the world. We also shared what WWT is doing in its own urban project such as WWT London Wetland Centre, Slough, Bridgwater and London. Find out more about wetland cities here. Congratulations to the Ramsar Regional Centre – East Asia team and Amiens City for arranging an incredible meeting!

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