Staff twinning in the East Atlantic Flyway

Wetland centre staff love exchange programmes, so we are working to bring one to the East Atlantic Flyway.

The Migratory Birds for People network suggested such a scheme at the Annual Meeting in Saloum, Senegal, last year.

Thanks to EVOA, there are at least two spaces for twinning around the 2023 Annual Meeting; there have been four applications so there will be a selection process. Registration is now closed for the 2023 twinning.

group bird ringing

Are a member of MBP and interested in twinning another time or another place? Then we suggest you examine the membership profiles on the MBP website, to identify the share topics of interest. Then, email the contact person listed, while copying Connor Walsh.

MBP members who would like to see the Twinning Terms of Reference, guidelines, and example agreement can download the June 2023 draft. We also welcome input to this document ahead of the Annual Meeting.

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