Giving our visitors an ever improved experience at Urdaibai Bird Center

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Published: July 28th, 2023

We have some great new additions to the exhibition at the Urdaibai Bird Center. The Sounds of the Seasons is a sensory experience of the marsh which enhances access for people.

Even if you are visiting Urdaibai Bird Center in spring or summer you can now experience the sounds of  winter in our new audiosphere. Imagine a fine layer of snow covering the reeds. It's freezing cold and the trees are bare and brown. The whistling of  wigeons can be heard from the marsh and then the curlew reveals its presence with its melancholic call

Migration not only brings different birds to watch depending on the season, but it also brings a different soundscape. Imagine the previous scene compared to the bright chorus of spring as thousands of birds sing to announce their territories and attract a mate.

We invite our visitors to enjoy the Urdaibai wetlands in a new way – to close their eyes and listen to the birds as the seasons change.


Not only have we introduced a new experience of the marsh  but we have also added another language to our audioguides.  Whilst our visitors can come as far afield as the USA, India, Australia or Colombia, most are from France, the Netherlands, Belgium or the UK.

Until now our audio guides have been available in Basque, Spanish, Catalan, English, German and French. Thanks to the collaboration of our friend Brigitte Ibens, we have just added a new language - Dutch.

PETRA AND ARTEMIS_spoonbill_MBP_July2023_1080

We have a very strong connection to the Netherlands both through our visitors and also through the work we do tracking spoonbills on their migratory routes. A great example of our connection to birds and people in the Netherlands is Artemis, the Wadden Sea spoonbill which appeared in Urdaibai in March 2023. He had been ringed by our friend Petra de Goeij who is a member of the Lepelaar Werkgruppe.

We are sure that the addition of the new language will help strengthen our ties with the Netherlands and also give our visitors an improved experience.

We want to share the wetland conservation message in as many languages as possible!

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