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Published: July 28th, 2023

World Migratory Bird Day: Francophone

Ibrahim Hama was as ever a powerhouse for MBP Africa, arranging and hosting a French-language video conference for young people around World Migratory Bird Day. The challenges of public protest limited which schools could participate in Senegal, but he maintains good relations with the schools there for ongoing projects. Ecole Centrale Remerschen also took part in Luxembourg.

World Migratory Bird Day: first time in Portuguese!

For the first time, MBP members have held a schools’ video conference in Portuguese! Associação dos Defensores e Amigos do Ambiente and Reserva Natural Integral do Ilhéu dos Pássaros in Angola, and EVOA in Portugal brought together pupils aged 10 to 12.

Thanks to smartphones the participants were able to connect from woods, busses, and beaches.

The video conference is a result of the networking opportunity afforded by the annual meeting in Senegal last year.

The Gambia to Northern Ireland

Another participant of the Senegal meeting also brokered a connection between the nature clubs she manages in The Gambia and their counterparts in Northern Ireland. Awa Joof guided young people from St Joseph's Basic Cycle School and St Augustine's Upper Basic School as they spoke to their peers at Down High School Zoological Club.

Ongoing resources for teachers

As well as the Birds & Schools video conferences in our flyway, our shared human resource at Wetland Link International also hosts or participates in Birds and Schools. Ibrahim Hama has suggested we create a shared ongoing resource specifically for teachers and school staff, such as bespoke newsletter, to keep them in the loop and engage them more easily when we get to World Migratory Bird Day in May and October. This presents a new challenge to our time but may bring good rewards. If you would like to contribute to this approach, contact Connor Walsh.

Sounding Wild

More MBP members have now hosted Virtual Reality (VR) experiences made by the Sounding Wild. Sound recordis Axel and photographer Ario have been to EVOA in Portugal and are (at the time of writing) at the Wadden Sea.

The experience from EVOA is available on YouTube. If you have access to a VR headset and surround headphones you can view it as they designed; or for more typical screens, you can drag around to look at the three sub-screens, one left, one centre, and one right.


We are continuing to develop our twinning programme. EVOA has generously offered to host one person before and during the annual meeting, and another during and after the meeting. We have drafted Terms of Reference, Guidelines, and a sample agreement between participants, which you can download on the MBP webpage.

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