Reopening of the Lake Grand-Lieu Centre!

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Published: July 28th, 2023

The Lake Grand-Lieu Centre reopened its doors to the public on Saturday 27 May 2023, after a 5-month period of works and closure!  Visitors were able to discover the new exhibitions in the visitor centre and the Pavilion, and they took advantage of the 17th National Nature Festival to participate to partner environmental organisations‘ activities.

New exhibitions for a sensory and immersive visit

In February, work started at Lake Grand-Lieu Centre to revamp its visitor tour and scenography. The aim is to put the senses and immersion at the heart of the visitor experience, and to broaden the structure's focus on major environmental issues.

The new ‘immersive visit’ is still based around three stages, each offering a unique approach to Lake Grand-Lieu, complementing the other two.

- The permanent exhibition and the garden - Sound and visual displays, a movie, models... The new scenography invites you to explore and manipulate, experiment and understand! Strolling through this area will help you to understand Lake Grand-Lieu and, more broadly, wetlands in the territory and around the world.

Lac de Grand-Lieu 1
  • The sound trail - The trail is accompanied by a sound geolocated system, inviting you to take a stroll and enjoy the atmosphere. Personal accounts and anecdotes tell the story of the landscapes you pass through. From listening to observation, take your time.
Lac de Grand-Lieu 2
  • The Pavilion - Poetry, imagination and the senses! From the wet meadows to the open waters of the lake, via the reed beds, you explore the lake and its different habitats. The tour ends on the terrace, a privileged vantage point overlooking Lake Grand-Lieu, the birds of the nature reserve and their daily spectacle. A guide will accompany you, and binoculars are at your disposal: it's time to contemplate and marvel!
Lac de Grand-Lieu 3

Celebration of Nature

On Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May 2023, we celebrated our reopening... and nature!

Throughout the weekend, we celebrated the 17th edition of the nature celebration: workshops and stands gave visitors the chance to discover the biodiversity of Lake Grand-Lieu and to talk to members of partner environmental organizations and nature enthusiasts. And the best thing about this special programme? It was free! Nearly 600 people turned out to celebrate the event!

Lac de Grand-Lieu 4
Lac de Grand-Lieu 5

Welcoming a new audience

From now on, elected representatives, local authorities and companies are targeted by our awareness-raising campaigns on wetland protection, in addition to schools and the general public. Numerous representatives from companies and local authorities were able to discover the centre and the importance of wetlands during June.

Lac de Grand-Lieu 6

A hot, dry spring… and summer!

Our region is being affected by the effects of global warming, with record-breaking heat in May and water levels are already very low. Blooms of cyanobacteria quickly appear

Lac de Grand-Lieu 7

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