Awearness Campaign on the Conservation of the Luongo Wetland Site

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Last updated: August 21st, 2023

Awearness Campaign on the Conservation of the Luongo Wetland Site

Luongo Wetland site

In a dedicated effort to preserve the precious ecosystem of the Luongo Wetland Site, the ADAMA volunteer team embarked on a transformative awareness campaign. This initiative was designed to educate and engage the riverside communities situated along the breathtaking landscape of the Luongo Wetland Site, nestled within the enchanting Municipality of Catumbela along the East Atlantic Flyway.

The Luongo Wetland Site stands as an essential refuge for migratory birds, nestled within the coastal splendor of Benguela Province in Angola. Anchored within the intricate estuary of the Catumbela River, this sanctuary spans approximately 3.5 square kilometers. Situated merely 12 kilometers south of the Lobito Wetland Site, its significance reverberates through the fabric of its densely populated surroundings. This cherished site finds its place under the guardianship of the provisional Lobito Wetland Center, a testament to its ecological importance.

The campaign orchestrated by the devoted ADAMA volunteer team resonated with a singular objective: to cultivate awareness within the community encircling this vital ecosystem. The clarion call echoed the importance of fostering a harmonious coexistence between the local community and the migratory birds who grace this habitat. Moreover, the campaign championed the sustainable utilization of the invaluable resources bestowed by this unique ecosystem.

The canvas of conversations painted during this campaign stretched beyond the community, extending to local authorities, heads of households, and the youth who frolic amidst this enchanting landscape. These dialogues bore testament to the campaign's overarching message, weaving a narrative of shared responsibility.

As the ADAMA volunteer team delved deeper, they uncovered looming threats to this sanctuary's integrity. Anarchic constructions, urban waste, unsustainable fishing practices, and unchecked hunting surfaced as the principal adversaries. Armed with this knowledge, the campaign crystallized into a rallying cry for collective action, mobilizing the community and stakeholders to address these challenges head-on.

ADAMA's aspirations transcend this single campaign. Their gaze is firmly fixed on the horizon, envisioning a series of impactful endeavors to safeguard coastal wetlands throughout the region. This noble pursuit transcends a mere conservation endeavor; it's a pledge to empower communities for the benefit of both mankind and the migratory birds who grace these shores. By nurturing a symbiotic relationship with these wetlands, ADAMA strives to forge a future where humans and nature thrive in equilibrium.

Authored by: Madaleno Constantino

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