CEPA at Wetlands Convention Standing Committee

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Published: September 5th, 2023

The Head of WLI, Chris Rostron, is at the Standing Committee meeting of the Convention on Wetlands, in Gland, Switzerland.

He is helping develop the CEPA approach within the Convention. Some of you participated in the online workshops we held before the last Wetland Convention COP late last year, so you as WLI members are influencing the meeting.

Chris is also promoting wetland centres, and WWT’s Wetland Learning Hub whilst he’s there. He will also be explaining how the Convention's CEPA programme will develop new resources and support the network of CEPA focal points.

Man and woman pose for the camera in lobby of Ramsar Secretariat offices
Inside the Ramsar building in Gland, Chris leans towards microphone to present CEPA Oversight Panel report to Standing Committee

On the second day of the meeting, Chris presented the CEPA Oversight Panel report.

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