WLI membership survey 2023

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Published: February 12th, 2024

The WLI core team at WWT welcomes your input as WLI members by email all year round: wli@wwt.org.uk is how to reach us. 

We also use online surveys to get a wider sweep of feedback in a short period. In late 2023, 46 WLI members took part in our survey. At more than ten percent of the network sending feedback, this is a helpful amount of data. When we send out emails to the network, typically 27% of the recipients will open the email.

Where we most need to improve

Sharing your best practice with others: 15% say needs improvement, and 35% would like more.  

Developing your best practice: 13% say needs improvement, 37% would like more. 

Keeping your profiles up to date on the WLI website: 41% say the profile needs to be updated. Those profiles are based on the membership form, so if your profile is very out of date, we advise you download the membership form, and fill it in, and email it to Connor Walsh. 

What you most want WLI to do for you

  • Develop partnership projects and fund-raise 17% 
  • Provide online training and capacity building resources 15% 
  • Arrange virtual exchanges with other WLI members 15% 

What you like and want to engage with

The Star awards! 19% took part last time and will again; 26% did not but might; 50% did not but will.  

Small Grants 75% took part in 2023, and 25% applied in previous years for the WLI Asia grants.  

How we go about it

To improve or webinars, 18% would like them to include examples from outside WLI and wetlands. Equally 16% would like us to hold them more often, and to provide certificates for participation. On the other hand, the viewership of the WLI webinars is low, and they have a long lead-in time to facilitate translation and subtitling; and very few people have taken part in our networking sessions at the end of the webinars. With limited resources, we need to explore how to sustain increased or modified effort, and Connor and Khouloud Belhadj are looking into this.  

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