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Published: April 23rd, 2024

Black-tailed godwit arrivals at WWT Welney after spring migration

Spring migration is an exciting time of year, but when communities come together to follow individual birds from a specific species that excitement grows even more. The anticipation of welcoming known birds and hearing of them passing through important wetland sites is thrilling.
In February the first birds were reported from the Targus Estuary, Portugal, having arrived from their wintering grounds in West Africa. Teams of bird spotters from The Netherlands spotted Project Godwit birds in amongst flocks of black-tailed godwits. Known birds included Benwick, Ilma, Keyne, Delph and Wedge. Between that sighting on 7 February and 8 March Wedge made her way to the Cambridgeshire Fens to be the first bird spotted on the breeding grounds. Benwick, along with Doon and Cloud were the first birds to be spotted back at WWT Welney on 26 March by one of the centre volunteers. We expect many more birds to return ready for breeding season, and hopefully conditions will be positive for some chicks to make it to fledging.
It takes a flyway of communities to protect migratory species, share the love for these incredible birds and inspire action to reduce threats and put back the habitats they need to survive.

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