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Asamati is a Wetland information centre in Macedonia which is connected with Ramsar site Prespa Lake (Macedonia) and Biosphere reserve Prespa ( Mkd, Alb and Greece).

The centre is functional unit of Bird Protection Macedonia (Bird Study and Protection Society of Macedonia, 1989).

Work Areas

Visitors – in some years we have had up to several thousands visitiors mainly pupils from primary schools from the region of Resen and Bitola towns.

Inside the centre is installed exhibition on the walls of conference room of the centre.

Some time we produce journal Prespa news 2 issues per year and the journal was distributed to all 10 villages in the surroundings (for free) from our warden service/staff.


Inside the Ramsar site are installed two bird hides.

The centre was supporting several bird study actions including bird-ringing. In time in this center were employed 4 persons but in the moment only two persons due to lack of support.

Inside the centre we have wi-fi, PC, printers, walkie-talky etc. and all necessary equipment for our staff.


Branko Micevski President

Bird Protection Macedonia,
Blvd. Februarski Pohod  24/47

Tel. +389 22 432 071

Tel: +389 22 400 276

Fax: +389 22 435 544