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Name of organisation: Foundation for Environmental Education for Sustainable Development (Thailand) : FEED

Funding support: Business companies

Number of staff: 6

Number of visitors per year: 8,000 – 10,000

Overall aims of the centre

Wetland conservation and Nature education services

Description of the centre

Size of site: 102 Hectoare

Type of habitats: Wetland with mangrove tree forest

Bird: 200 species(included Migraty and domestic birds)

Mudkeepers: 4 species

Trees: 58 species

Mudflat: 30 hectare

Ant: 30 species

Activities run: CRS activities, nature education program for youth, nature education curriculum for school children daily, youth nature camp, and planting events.

Since 2012 WWF Thailand and WWF GMP supported Department of Environmental Education to register as the foundation for environmental education for sustainable development or FEED in short, to managing and running three nature education centres, namely, Bangpu Nautre Education centre (BNEC), Nature and Agriculture education Centre (NAEC), and Education for sustainable Development Centre( ESDC).


Work Areas

Main CEPA work areas

Communication: local Radio network program, local newspaper natiral columist and press release.

Education: nautre education and environmental program for school children and general public.

Participation and awareness raising: planting events , teacher training, community observing, and others.

Top three successes

Nature Education program and youth camp for environment, for it can be CSR project and activities for all business company and education institution and schools.

Top three challenges

Yes, visiting our centre and observing or joining some activities.


Interpretation techniques

Creating signage/site information; Producing written materials;

Visitor centres

Managing / creating habitat; Running a visitor centre; Building / maintaining structures


Working with disabled people; Engaging hard-to-reach groups; Engaging young people; Engaging the local community;

Working with volunteers

Education and communication

Early years education; Delivering adult education; Working with primary schools; Lobbying / running campaigns; Working with secondary schools; Developing resources / materials


Auditing / assessing effectiveness; PR and marketing; Running effective administration; Health and safety; Fund-raising; Project planning.


Trirach Pukotchasarnseen

2549/54 paholyothin Rd., ladyao, jatujak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand

Tel: 66 2 942 7687 Fax.: 662 942 7687 ext. 18


Trirach Pukotchasarnseen(Thitivuth Kochasarnseen)
T: 66-81-9277758, 66 2 942 7687 ext. 15

Teerayuth la-orphanphol

T: 66 2 709 5005


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