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Chong Ming Dong Tan National Nature Reserve

Financial Support: Government

Staff Number: 26

Aim of the organization: Creating a great national and international influence, leading as a great model nature reserve.

Work Areas

Chong Ming Dong Tan National Nature Reserve is for the migrating birds and habitats as is the main protection of wild animal types of nature reserve, located in the Yangtze river estuary, the third largest island of China; the most eastern end of Chong Ming island.

There are four different areas: The Tuan Jie Bund, the Dong Wang Sha Bund, Bei Ba Xiao Bund and its neighboring Wu Song rive.

The area is 241.55 square kilometres, accounting for 7.8% of the Shanghai wetland.

Chong Ming Dong Tan and their adjacent water area are the significant ecological sensitive area, also they are the northeast YaHeLei migration routes, geese and ducks kind of migration routes in east Asia, east Asia - Australia plovers josiah snipe class is an important part of the migration route, experts at home and abroad study, chongming dongtan is the important stage for the migratory waterfowl and inclement weather, good shelter is also a part of important wintering waterfowl.

At present, there are 290 species of birds recorded in chongming dongtan. Among them, there are 4 species of Oriental white stork, black stork, white crane and white-tailed sea eagle. There are 35 national secondary protection animals, such as the black-faced spoonbill, the cygnet, the grey crane, the mandarin duck, the small curlew, the little green sandpiper, etc.

According to the survey, there are nearly a million migratory birds in the chongming dongtan wetland every year.

In 1992, the Chinese Biodiversity Conservation Action Plan formulated by government required Chong Ming Dong Tan as a priority protection area. In November 1998, Chong Ming Dong Tan bird nature reserve was established by Shanghai city council. In July 1999, Chong Ming Dong Tan was accepted as a member unit of ‘East Asia -- Australasian Migratory Bird Reserve’ by International Wetland Asia Pacific organization.

In January 2002, the protected areas and adjacent 84 square kilometres of artificial wetlands were designated as international wetlands. In July 2005, Chong Ming Dong Tan was approved by the city council as a national nature reserve. In October 2006, Chong Ming Dong Tan was listed as one of 51 ‘national demonstration nature reserves’ by the State Forestry Administration.


In order to enhance the public's awareness of conservation and ecological consciousness we are perfecting the popular science education infrastructure; innovated education of science,  building the popular science education exchanges and cooperation platform, we work positively with the primary and middle school students and we support the public to carry out various forms of popular science education activities, improve the interaction from all walks of life for conservation, wetland conservation and scientific understanding of migratory species conservation.


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