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Management and funding

The project is run by a board consisting of regional politicians and administrators. The aim of the project is to establish a Wetland Centre on the banks of Randsfjorden, Norway’s fourth biggest lake.

The Centre will be very close to the Dokka Delta, a Ramsar site. The project leader, Alastair Brown, works at Lands Museum, a part of the group of museums along the lake at Randsfjordmuseene. See

The linkage to an existing professional institution means that several aspects of the centre are already being carried out.

Work Areas

Key species/features

The Centre will focus on Randsfjorden and its catchment area. This long area (ca. 170 km) includes the protected Etna River, and the Dokka River, one of Norway’s most regulated rivers. It also includes two protected forest reserves and two Ramsar sites, the Dokka Delta in Randsfjorden, and Hynna, a peatlands area.

The whole area is ths a microcosm of inland Norway’s freshwater wetlands.


The Centre will be an environmental education centre and participate in CEPA activities at the local, national and international levels.


With its temporary base at Lands Museum, the Wetland Centre holds seminars, presents exhibitions and works actively with both research and communication.
Lands Museum has also a considerable collection of archives and photos relating to area which is continually being enlarged.


Alastair Brown

T: +47 61 11 06 87

Mobile: +47 47 30 38 13

F: +47 61 11 07 31