Ecological Information Centre of Sidi Moussa-Oualidia lagoon complex






East Atlantic flyway


Migratory Birds for People


GREPOM: Groupe de recherche pour la protection des oiseaux au Maroc

Number of staff:


Number of visitors per year:

More than 920 schoolchildren with their teachers, associations and ornithologists in addition to individuals (since its opening in July 2016)

Overall aims of the centre

1/Sensitize the public to the heritage and socio-economic importance of Moroccan wetlands in general and those of the Sidi Moussa-Oualidia lagoon complex in particular.

2/Provide educational institutions with tools to illustrate Life and Earth Sciences courses.

Work areas

Key CEPA activities

Visits to the Information Centre

– Exhibition: guided or free visit
– Audio-visual presentations with commentary
– Oral presentations
– Guided/controlled games for children
– Bird documentation

2/Guided tours of the wetlands of the Oualidia lagoon and surrounding wetlands.

– Guided observations of ecosystem components and functioning
– Identification of components of heritage and socio-economic value
– Identification of threats to the identified values
– Group discussion on various aspects of the visit
– Bird watching in their natural habitats.
– Winter census of waterbirds.
– Regular monitoring of waterbirds.

3/Travelling exhibition

These are exhibitions designed on free and light supports, which can be transported to various institutions in the region (mainly school/university). They can focus on the “Wetlands of Morocco” or the “Birds of Morocco”.


– Organisation of training/internships in various environmental themes.
– Leading seminars organised by Partners: World Wetlands Day, International Waterbirds and Wetlands Days, etc.
– Hosting of summer thematic exhibitions (occupying the external space of the IF): travelling exhibition on “Biodiversity of Morocco”, designed by AMAB, CNRST and the British Council; Paintings related to Nature, etc.
– Organization of regional competitions related to the conservation of wetlands, birds, biodiversity, etc.

Areas of experience

Interpretation Techniques

Use of audiovisual tools

Education and communication

Early childhood education; Adult education; Working with primary schools; Working with secondary and primary schools


Abdelhak FAHMI, Commune Territoriale de l’Oualidia, Centre de l’Oualidia. Mail, Morocco.

Mobile: 212.662016899

Website :

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