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Name of organisation

INECODEM, Instituto Ecoturístico y Desarrollo de Montañas

Funding support


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Overall aims of the centre

1.- To contribute to students and population in education, communication and participation.

2.- To conserve, protect biodiversity and ecosystems

3.- To sustainably promote tourist areas of mountain ecosystems, in conjunction with local communities.

Description of the centre

In the wetland of tambococha no institution carries out work actions is new, it has no recognition, because of this it starts to work with the students of the educational centres and local people who live around the wetlands in the activities of conservation, education, awareness and participation, importance and values of wetlands, rational use of wetlands, biodiversity and others. The Institute is located in Huánuco-Peru.

Work Areas

Main CEPA work area


Top three successes

1.- Project: Awareness-raising in tourism in the rural community of Jesús - 2006.
2.- Project: Forestation and reforestation in the lagoon of lauricocha with quinual- Year 2008.
3.- Project: Conservation, Ecotourism and Sustainable Development in the Lauricocha Wetlands- Year 2014.
All these projects have been successful, because the beneficiary population has been sensitized, trained and empowered in the issues of wise use of wetlands, installation of nurseries, tourism and others.

Top three challenges

1.- To elaborate project proposals that benefit the population living in extreme poverty.
2.- To raise awareness and train students from the educational centres surrounding the Tambococha wetland on education, communication, wise use of wetlands and biodiversity.
Train local community authorities, farmers, ranchers in the conservation, restoration and management of wetlands.


Interpretation techniques


Visitor centres



Engaging the local community

Education and communication

Working with primary schools


Project planning.


Name: Grisely Alvarado Villarreal

Address: Jr. Huallayco N° 984 Huánuco

Mobile: 944664252



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