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Name of organisation

Heilongjian Province Sanhuanpao Protected Area Management Office

Funding support

Municipal government

Number of staff


Number of visitors per year


Overall aims of the centre

Comprehensive protection of wetland ecology and biodiversity, active scientific research and extensive wetland education

Description of the centre

Located in the hinterland of the Three Rivers Plain in northeast China, with a total area of 2,200 hectares, this is a wetland park that integrates wetland resource conservation, scientific research, propaganda and education and ecological tourism. The wetland type is mainly light
The wetland type is mainly light water marsh wetland, which includes a variety of wetland habitat types such as lakes and islands, and the natural landscape of the wetland is beautiful. The wetland is rich in biodiversity, with 290 species of plants and 177 species of birds, and tens of thousands of waterfowl breeding here every year, including many rare and endangered species such as the Tan-Ting Crane and the White Pillow Crane. Every summer, the wetland park joins forces with universities to carry out holiday practice activities, and conducts science education activities for primary and secondary school students. Since its establishment, the Fujin National Wetland Park has undergone continuous development and construction and has now become an important regional base for science education, with more than 50,000 visitors annually.

Work Areas

Main CEPA work area

The project has also been used to promote and educate the public on wetland conservation, and to conduct scientific research and exchanges with universities and research institutes.

Top three successes

Three of the most successful projects are: the successful habitat modification of the wetland, the creation of ecological islands, and the successful recruitment of more than 10 species of water birds such as the black-winged sandpiper to nest and breed; the artificial control of water levels and dynamic management of wetland water levels; and the promotion of wetland conservation through training courses for the community around the wetland, raising people's awareness of conservation.



Name: Yang Fengying Address:

email: liyu3003@163.com

Telephone: 0454-2366519

Fax: 0454-2366511,

Xi Ping Road, Fujin City, Heilongjiang Province, China.

Website address: www.fjsdj.com

Other information: The new visitor reception centre at the Fujin National Wetland Park is under construction and will be ready for use this summer

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