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Syndicat Mixte Eden 62

Funding support: Conseil Départemental du Pas de Calais (Pas de Calais Council)

Number of staff: 5-10

Number of visitors per year: Grange Nature : 25,000 (in 2013). Romelaëre Nature Reserve : 100,000 visitors a year:

2014, 2015: refurbishment works progress, rehabilitation of Grange Nature (reopening in 2016)

Overall aims of the centre

Environmental education. Promotion of natural areas sensitive Pas de Calais (permanent exhibition and temporary exhibition on wetlands ) start 2016.

Welcoming groups.

Educational visitor centre

Réserve naturel de Romelaire

Description of the centre

National nature reserve of “étangs du Romelaëre” since 2008. Geographical location: Saint-Omer, Nieurlet, Clairmarais (reserve access). Management: EDEN 62. Area: 104 hectares. (Eden 62 also manages two national nature reserve: Oye-Plage and Baie de Canche).

Open to the public of March until September, and the site is free to visit. Includes a nature shop, toilets, car park, and food kiosk.

Disabled accessibility. Schedules for opening to be confirmed.

Geographic location: Clairmarais (near Saint-Omer, 1h: Calais), part of the Audomarois marshland (UNESCO since 2013, biosphere reserve, renowned RAMSAR).

Wildlife interest include:

– Plants : 250 species, of which around 30 are considered of regional / national importance.
– Fungi : over 400 species, of which 50 are on the red list.
– Mammals : 32 species, of which 9 are bat species
– Birds : over 150 species, including the great bittern, little bittern, great egret and marsh harrier.
– Amphibians : 8
– Reptiles : 3, including the grass snake.
– Insects : 25 dragonfly species
– Fish : 22 of which 9 of regional / national importance

Work Areas

Main CEPA work areas

Welcoming groups; Educational garden; Educational pond; Permanent exhibition; Temporary exhibition; Conference cycle; Pedagogic workshop; Animations nature (between February and October); Communication: posters (sale offering), brochures, leaflets….

Top three successes

1) number of visitors is becoming progressively higher (natural reserve and visitor centre)

2) Program of guided walks and talks for the general public

3) Developments on site (upgrading of the education centre, natural reserve, footpaths, access to facilities such as trails, viewpoints)

Top three challenges

1) Interpretation on site (information panel, signs etc.) now in progress

2) To promote the new equipment in 2016 and open the centre for a long time (currently only open 7 months)

3) To develop new partnerships (for the attract the territory)


Interpretation techniques

Creating signage; site information; Producing written materials; Using audio-visual tools; Developing nature trails

Visitor centres

Setting up a new visitor centre; Running a visitor centre.


Working with disabled people

Education and communication

Early years education; Delivering adult education; Working with primary schools; Working with secondary schools


Project planning.


Grange Nature, Rue du Romelaere,


Christian Ringot, director partnership relation/communication.


Christophe Turpin, executive educational environment.


Pierre Thellier, Manager of the national nature reserve of Romelaëre,