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Name of organisation: Entity Environmentalist Green Wave

Funding support: Petrobras s/a / Yves Rocher Foundation

Number of staff: 15

Number of visitors per year: 18.835

Overall aims of the centre

Strengthening public policies for environmental management; Train and qualify young actors in environmental education; Recover and restore forests.

Description of the centre

Area: 900 m2; (library, restaurant, multimedia classrooms, auditorium, laboratory bio-monitoring, administration room, project room).

Activities: Environmental Education, forest restoration; seedling production; bio-monitoring of Iguassu River watershed;

Scientific research related to ecology and restoration of degraded areas

Work Areas

Main CEPA work areas

Communication: website, facebook, Graphic Production (Magazine Lowlands Green “Baixada Verde” / environmental education leaflets / brochures / banners).

Environmental education: lectures, seminars, workshops, theater sketches, short courses;

Participation and awareness: environmental education activities for coastal communities and the surrounding population areas restored.

Top three successes

1 – Project Looking after the Water “Projeto Cuidando das Águas – held in V modules:
I-Forest restoration, recovery and conservation of headwaters.
II-Building a garden
III-Implementation of a Lab to study Potable Water techniques
IV-Monitoring Agro-ecological
V-Environmental Education

2 – Conservation Program of the Atlantic Forest of Paracambi: Goals:
I – reforest 40 hectares of Atlantic Forest in priority conservation areas
II- Encouragement and support the creation of private reserves.
III- Implementation of the unit for Agro-ecology Demonstartion – Urban gardens in Pipeline/Ducts areas
IV-Strengthening Environmental Surveillance System
V-Environmental Education.

3 – Strengthening of Municipal Environmental Management System with emphasis on the Conservation of Water Resources of the River Basin St. John
I-Recovery of degraded areas near the banks of the St. John River;
II-Biodiversity Protection through the deployment of Reserves
III-Private reserves of the Natural Heritage (RPPN’s);
IV-Strengthening of Municipal Environmental Management System;
V-Implementation of the Environmental Reference Centre – CRA
VI-Environmental Education – Agenda 21 on schools

In all projects undertaken by the institution participatory methodology is employed, we believe that the success of any action involving the conservation and preservation of the environment should include the participation of the community around it.


Interpretation techniques

Creating signage; site information; Producing written materials; Using audio-visual tools; Developing nature trails

Visitor centres

Running a visitor centre; Building / maintaining structures


Working with disabled people; Engaging young people; Engaging the local community; Working with volunteers

Education and communication

Early years education; Working with primary schools; Lobbying / running campaigns; Working with secondary schools; Developing resources / materials


Auditing / assessing effectiveness; PR and marketing; Running effective administration; Fund-raising; Project planning.


Helio Vanderlei

tel: (021) 9605-5066 – Fax: (21) 2779-4563

Address: rua nossa Senhora da Conceição, 06 bairro Tinguá  Nova Iguaç Rio de Janeiro.

Website address:

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