Gydansky State Natural Biosphere Reserve






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Federal State Budget Organization “Gydansky State Natural Biosphere Reserve”

Funding support: State budget of the Russian Federation

Number of staff: 2

Overall aims of the centre

Development of ecological awareness and ecological culture as well as nature conservation ideas among the local population, especially the younger generation. This is necessary condition for delivery the nature protection functions by the strict reserve.

Presenting the strict reserve as a singular element of society and habitat relationship, need of conservation and studying of ecosystems should be a result of our work.

Description of the centre

Western-Siberian Plain, northern part of Gydansky Peninsula and islands of southern part of Kara Sea. Yamalo-Nenetsly Autonomous Okrug (Area), Tazovsky District, total area – 878174 ha; Arctic tundra ecosystems; scientific investigations, protection of the territory.

Work Areas

Main CEPA work areas

Work with mass-media; advertizing and publishing activities; video-filming; organizing exhibitions; ecological actions and celebrations; contacting to education bodies; environmental education actions of “Young Ecologists of Tazovsky District” club.

Top three successes

Ecological Olympic games, devoted to celebration of the Ecological Knowledge Day

Ecological game “Defenders of Nature” for visitors of scholar summer camps of Tazovsky settlement. School children of three schools took place in the game

Contest of ecological posters “Nature in our heart”, devoted to celebrating UNEP anniversary

Top three challenges

Ecological action “Remember, Conserve and Protect!”

Participation of small number of children

Organization of excursions to protected area is very difficult or even impossible because of great distance and absence of appropriate transport.


Interpretation techniques

Creating signage


Engaging young people

Education and communication

Delivering adult education; Lobbying / running campaigns; Working with secondary schools


Novikov Alexander Mikhaylovich,

Deputy Director on Ecological Education


Gorchakovsky Andrey Alexandrovich, Deputy Director on Scientific Work,



Director of State Natural Strict Reserve “Gydansky”

Berlinsky Vyacheslav Vladimirovich,

Office: Geophysics Str.,

18. Tazovsky settlement,

Tazovsky District,

Yamalo-Nenetsky AO,