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Eskom Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme

Funding support: Eskom

Number of staff: 2

Number of visitors per year: 7 000 (temporary building, permanent building will be constructed by end of 2013

Overall aims of the centre

Increase awareness of Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme, Eskom and Ingula Nature Reserve

Description of the centre

Located at the foot of the Little Drakensberg escarpment. Approx. 12 0000ha nature reserve surrounding Visitors Centre. Mostly grassland, large wetland areas and escarpment forest. Special species include wattled crane, crowned crane, blue crane, secretary bird, Denham’s bustard, white winged fluff tail, oribi, aardvark, southern bald ibis, sungazer, protea dracomontana.

Work Areas

Main CEPA work areas

Visitors Centre has exhibitions about the power station and nature reserve. Daily guided tours are conducted. Annual World Wetland Day programme – photographic competition, school outreach programme. World Vulture Awareness Day (1 Sept) and Birding Big Day (end Nov).
We send out a monthly newsletter and participate in exhibitions regularly.

Top three successes

Wetlands Walk has been very successful, had around 130 people in 2012. This year will be 4th year.
Photographic competition has also been very successful. Third year this year. Delivers varied and high quality images for use in promotional material.
Environmental Tours: For primary school groups – very successful – hands on experience for youngsters

Top three challenges

As the Centre is located on a site where construction is going on – access is a challenge for visitors as it has to be arranged beforehand. Cannot yet fully roll-out conservation programmes due to construction.


Interpretation techniques

Creating signage; site information; Producing written materials; Using audio-visual tools; Developing nature trails

Visitor centres

Setting up a new visitor centre; Managing / creating habitat; Running a visitor centre; Building / maintaining structures


Engaging young people; Engaging the local community; Working with volunteers

Education and communication

Early years education; Delivering adult education; Working with primary schools; Lobbying / running campaigns; Working with secondary schools; Developing resources / materials


Auditing / assessing effectiveness; PR and marketing; Running effective administration; Health and safety;Project planning.


Fifi Meyer – Head of Ingula Visitors Centre
Private Bag X10046, Ladysmith, 3370


Tel. 036-3423122

Fax: 086 566 4025

Website address: (About electricity, Visitors Centre)