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Funding support: Dues, grants, partnership in-kind

Number of staff: None paid

Number of visitors per year: Not known

Overall aims of the centre

Wetland education and interpretation

Description of the centre

The centre is based on Lake Euwana in downtown Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA

Kiosk: We have a two-sided kiosk part way up the trail that shows species pictures so people can use them to identify what they see.

Trail: People use the 1.8 mile loop trail for walking, running, bird watching, dog walking (poop bags provided), and picnicking.

Guided walks: We encourage classroom teachers to bring their students to the trail via a resource list on a KOSS (Klamath Outdoor Science School) website; we will provide guides upon request; we encourage people to come on the trail from the Klamath Visitor Center, which is located one block from our Trailhead and we provide an interpretive brochure for a self guided walk.

Trail Event: Our trail and our members participate in International Migratory Bird Day each year in May in Klamath Falls; and in 2011 began to celebrate International Wetland Day with a school wide project

Work Areas

Main CEPA work areas

Flyers: We have put out flyers that promote the use of our trail by the community.

Walks: We lead interpretive walks on the trail as requested by groups, classes, City Parks, etc.

Art Project: We promote the connection between culture/ the arts and wildlife with our Pelicans on Parade Project which is a 7’ tall polyurethane pelican decorated in creative ways by area artists. 17 are now in existence. For full information on this project, See: http://www.pelicansonparade.com/index.shtml

Booklets: We promote the use of wildlife watching trails throughout our geographic area through our Klamath Basin Birding Trail booklets and maps. For full information on this project, see http://www.klamathbirdingtrails.com

Festival: We promote, and for 3 years coordinated, the Winter Wings Festival; For full information on this project, see http://winterwingsfest.org

Guide: We collaborated to produce and distribute An Interpretive Guide to the Link River, a booklet specifically targeting children and their families who will use trails in our downtown area (which includes: the Klamath Wingwatcher Lake Ewauna trail, the Link River Trail, and the City Parks Lake Ewauna trail, which is under construction).

Exhibits: We are collaborating to produce wetland education exhibits in our visitor center (South Portal) and our local County Museum.

Kid Centered Activities: We partner with many agencies to “Connect Kids to Nature” in our area, creating classroom activities, educational materials, event tabling activities, etc.
Event: We are the lead group this year for International Migratory Bird Day on May 14, 2011. We have been a participant for many years now.

Top three successes

1. Klamath Basin Birding Trails booklets (see http://www.klamathbirdingtrails.com/);

a) Have increased awareness of easy to find wildlife watching sites for both locals and tourists which have increased our local resource-based economy in sustainable ways;
b) Worked well because we were awarded a grant to make the booklets free and widely distributed;
c) Built partnerships among government and non-government agencies for this activity and others as well.

2. Community Trail on Lake Ewauna for over 20 years

a) Has increased community members ability to exercise before work, at lunch, and after work in a stress relieving environment, increasing value to community.
b) Has given dog walkers a place to walk dogs, increasing value to community.
c) Gives wildlife a haven in an urban environment which brings local support from government agencies.
d) Trail continues primarily because of individuals committed to its value who are willing to work to maintain and improve it.

3. Pelicans on Parade Project (POP) see http://www.pelicansonparade.com/index.shtml

a) Works because of commitment of numerous individuals who donated their time to this vision.
b) Broad based community support and grants have allowed people to enjoy these pelicans while raising awareness of the beauty and value of wildlife in our community.

Top three challenges

Finding and maintaining volunteer help

Finding funding and project leaders for various projects

Getting younger people (ages 18-50) involved with our organization


Interpretation techniques

Creating signage; site information; Producing written materials; Using audio-visual tools; Developing nature trails

Visitor centres

Managing / creating habitat


Engaging young people; Working with volunteers

Education and communication

Working with primary schools and community partners; Developing resources / materials


PR and marketing; Fund-raising; Project planning.


The contact details

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