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Name of organisation

Meinmahla Kyun’s Education Center

Funding support


Number of staff

Six to eight

Number of visitors per year

It is opened two time of Aung Set Kyar Pagoda festival, in Bogalay Township and Myauk Taya Pagoda festival in Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary, 10000 over visitors coming every years.

Overall aims of the centre

Meinmahla Kyun’s Temporary Education Center will serve as a visitor center for domestic and international visitors and too aware of biodiversity values and ecosystem services as well as the environmental and social impacts of sustainable resource use has been low and community involvement in protected area management.

Description of the centre

Location: Bogalay Township, Phar Pon District, Ayeyarwaddy Region, Myanmar.

Size of site: 270 Sq feet, (27ft x 10ft).

Types of habitats and species supported:

  • Mangrove wetland ecosystem
  • Marsh flat ecosystem
  • Sand beach ecosystem

Meinmahla Kyun is particularly supported for a large number of threatened bird species and over 20,000 of wintering migrants such as Spoon-billed sandpiper, Nordmann’s greenshank, Lesser adjutant, Great Knot and Black headed Ibis from predominantly China and Siberia. Mangrove forest of Meinmahla Kyun are habitats for threatened primate, mammal and reptile species such as Long Tailed Macaque, Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin, Smooth -coated Otter , Fishing Cat, Estuarine Crocodile, Olive Ridley and Burmese Python etc.

Featured programs:
We need to build new permanent education center, including training center and trainer’s guest house.

Because of this area is only one of estuarine crocodile conserve area and mangrove habitat in Myanmar.

Work Areas

Main CEPA work area

  • Facilitate training of trainers on the
    implementation of the CEPA strategy
  • Implement visitor education program
  • Conduct regular school based environmental
    education program around the area
  • Facilitate public awareness events such as
    World Wetland Day, World Migratory Birds
    Day, World Environment Day and World
    Wildlife Day.
  • Warming of Crocodile Dangerous Sign Board.

Top three successes

  • Regular school based environmental education
  • Some public events such as WWD etc.
  • Warming of Crocodile Dangerous Sign Board.

Top three challenges

  • Limited funding for CEPA program
  • Most of community are depending on and over use of natural resources
  • More increase mobile peoples


Interpretation techniques

Site information; Producing written materials; Developing nature trails

Visitor centres

Setting up a new visitor centre


Working with disabled people; Working with volunteers

Education and communication

Lobbying / running campaigns; Developing resources / materials


PR and marketing; Fund-raising; Project planning.


Name: Zaw Htoo Aung

Phone: +959773548791

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