Miyajimanuma Wild Bird and Wetland Centre






East Asian - Australasian flyway


WLI Asia


Owned by the Ministry of Environment and managed by Bibai City.
Aimed for the conservation and wise use of Miyajimanuma. Does various research & CEPA activities. Funded by the government(local & national). Annual visitation over 30,000 people.

Founded / Opened

Open March, 2007. Founded by the Ministry of Environment.


Contains exhibition room, lecture room, mini-library, and a laboratory. Area is 328.5m2

Key species / Features

Freshwater lake in agricultural landscape. Key species: Greater white-fronted goose



One permanent staff (warden & researcher), one temporary staff (interpreter), one part-time (in high seasons) all employed by the Bibai City.

Work Areas

General CEPA activities

Wise use & conservation of Miyajimanuma, especially in relation with local agriculture.

Conservation of White-fronted geese, in relation with habitat & flyway management.

Interpretation and Major Exhibits

Enhance public awareness and participation in wetland & waterbird conservation. Regular monthly events, guided programs on request, annual workshops & forums. Panels, videos, self operating outdoor camera, various hand-made & hands-on exhibits

Formal (School and University) Learning

Guided programs on request. Teachers or students can consult staff for self-made programs, assistance in research, interns, training programs etc.

Informal (public) Learning

Pamphlet & guide book in Japanese. Regular events supported partly by volunteers. Citizen’s conservation group called “Miyajimanuma no Kai”.


No regular meetings but accepts researchers and provide professional help and logistics.



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