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Organisation name: NGO/Contribution à la Gestion des Zones Humides (CoGeZoH)CoGeZoH arrozage goutte a goutte

Financial support:

The partner institutions for the protection of nature in particular: the Global Environment Facility (GEF / UNDP), Ecosystems Protected in Sudano-Sahelian Africa (ECOPAS), the World Conservation Union (IUCN), Wetlands International, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Other projects, national and international NGOs like Africa 70, Association Française la Poulie, l’ONG /IADD, le projet WAP, de Jardin Tropical Amélioré (JTA) ….

Number of employees:  Ten: Five guides and five agents, including cook and receptionist.

Number of visitors per year:  Varies from 950 to over 2000.


Contribute to improving the living conditions of rural populations through the sustainable management of natural resources, by establishing infrastructure and the development of income-generating activities (ecotourism, beekeeping, rural electrification with solar power, market gardening, village wells) , minor drinking water supply, recovery of degraded land, realisation of basic social infrastructure)

    • Increase the tourism potential of the village
    • Develop local knowledge and know-how in tourism
    • Management and preservation
    • Improve honey production and marketing capacities
    • Promote ecotourism for the village of Molli Hausa


CoGeZoH adduction d'eau

0.88 hectares of developable area and 403.95 meters perimeter. Habitats: three (3) huts and two (2) clay domes with straw roofs.
The species present are diverse.
Mammals: Red-fronted Gazelle, warthog, red and green monkey, elephant, lion, goats.
Reptiles: Egyptian Cobra, Howling Viper, Crocodile, Nile Veran, python de sebae
Birds: ostrich, francolin koki, gray heron, black kite, crowned crane, sacred ibis.

The average number of visitors per year is about one thousand five hundred (1500). The geographical location is: latitude 12 ° 32,9 'West East and longitude 2 ° 19' North South

Work Areas

Key CEPA activities
Advertising boards, commercials, environmental education, open house days, safari with camels or horses.

Three top hits

Advertising billboards, advertising spots and "open door" days.

The site is located in the Tamou Wildlife Reserve, which is one of the most important reserves on the W side of Niger. The path leading to the entrance passes to the centre of this reserve where advertising spots and billboards were successful.

As far as the media is concerned, Nigeriens as a whole like to listen to radio and watch television, so our advertising spots have been successful.

Three main challenges

Safari and environmental education with limited means


Awareness raising
Uses of audio-visual tools

Visitor centres

Management/creation of habitat; management of a visitor centre


Community Initiative; youth initiatives; initiatives for excluded groups; working with volunteers.

Education and communication

Education of small children; Working with primary schools; Working with secondary schools


Moumouni JIGO Secrétaire Permanent de l’ONG/CoGeZoH BP:2448, email:, tél: 00227 21 71 81 59/ 00227 96 58 68 38/ +227 90 53 70 17 Skype: ong_cogezoh