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The Nationalpark-Haus Husum is situated at the Wadden Sea coast, right at the harbour of Husum, a 23,000 inhabitants town at the coast between the mouth of river Elbe and Denmark.

The Wadden Sea covers the North Sea coast of Germany and parts of The Netherlands and Denmark. The area consists of large tidal flats, saltmarshes, dunes, sandbanks, channels, islands and marshland. The Wadden Sea is protected, e.g. as National Parks, and inscribed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Among the major conservation successes over the last 30 years for the Wadden Sea is, that no further parts are embanked and that hunting on water bird and seals has largely been stopped. Among the remaining challenges are industrial activities, fisheries and in the long term in particular the increasing speed of sea level rise.

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Work Areas

The Nationalpark-Haus Husum has about 50,000 visitors annually. It is just one of many small, medium and large visitor centres at the Wadden Sea, jointly hosting more than a million visitors annually.

The Wadden Sea is extremely important for both breeding and migratory waterbirds, with a total number of 10-12 million waterbirds using it over the year (see more info at

Also, find a poster about the Wadden Sea within the East Atlantic Flyway of coastal birds at (German version) or (English version).

The Wadden Sea itself hosts more than 10 million visitors each year. The focus of the Nationalpark-Haus is on the migratory and breeding Wadden Sea birds and on the service for visitors of the National Park on the local level. E.g. we provide information and also guided tours for tourists visiting Husum.


However, the organisations responsible for the NPHH have much broader tasks:

– Administration for the Nationalpark Schleswig Holsteinisches Wattenmeer: Governmental responsibility for managing the National Park in the Schleswig-Holstein part of the Wadden Sea (which covers about 30 % of the entire Wadden Sea) (for more details see

– Wadden Sea Office of WWF Germany: Protection of and information on the Wadden Sea on the national and the trilateral level (for more details see and

– Schutzstation Wattenmeer: Protection of and information on the Wadden Sea on the regional level, i.e. in Schleswig-Holstein (see, with a focus on many visitor centres and field stations.


Dr. Hans-Ulrich Rösner

WWF Wadden Sea Office

Hafenstr. 3

D-25813 Husum

tel 049-4841-668551

fax 049-4841-668539 (just for the visitor centre / for the organisations responsible for the visitor centre see,,

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