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Name of organisation

Pagatpatan Wetland Learning Center Learning Center / Caraga State University

Funding support

Caraga State University; from other external sources

Number of staff


Number of visitors per year

About a thousand

Overall aims of the centre

The Center’s goal is to conserve the natural resources in the wetland, particularly the indigenous and endemic species, as well as to educate the people on the value of the wetlands and its biodiversity in sustaining life.

Description of the centre

Location: Butuan City
Size of site: 5 hectares
Types of habitats and species supported:

Mangrove forest, coastal forest, sago swamp which are habitats to wild ducks and other bird species.
Featured programs: bird watching, boating, firefly watching, mudcrab culture

Work Areas

Main CEPA work area

What types of work are you doing around communication, education, participation, and awareness-raising?

Conduct seminars on mangrove uses among local stakeholders, prepare and distribute leaflets, capability building on species identification among students, seminars on biodiversity conservation, seminar on potential ecotourism in Pagatpatan Wetlands, Seminar on sago palm for food and for disaster risk reduction

Top three successes

1) Seminar on sago palm for food and for disaster risk reduction – gathered stakeholders to learn about the importance of sago for food and for disaster risk reduction
2) Seminar on ecotourism potential of Pagatpatan Wetlands – the local stakeholders are oriented about the wise use of resources in the wetland
3) Capability building for students – students can identify the flora and fauna in the wetland

Top three challenges

1) Lack of funds to sustain the CEPA activities
2) Working with local government in promoting CEPA can be challenging
3) Ecotourism in the Pagatpatan Wetland requires local investment


Interpretation techniques

Producing written materials; Developing nature trails

Visitor centres

Running a visitor centre; Building / maintaining structures


Engaging hard-to-reach groups; Working with volunteers

Education and communication

Early years education; Lobbying / running campaigns;


PR and marketing; Health and safety; Fund-raising


Name: Rowena P. Varela
Pagatpatan Wetland Learning Center (to be up)

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