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Name of organisation:

Paraná Vivo Civil Association - Return of Argentinean Surubí National Fishing Contest

Funding support

For material and equipment expenses - No fixed budget.

Number of staff

Central Team - Ecology Area, Mr. Edgardo Insaurralde - Miss Nelly Petruz - Miss. Ana María Cainelli

Number of visitors per year

It began to operate in August 2012, in the facilities of School No. 377 of Barrio Puerto Reconquista, there is no information available.

Overall aims of the centre

To raise awareness among local and regional leaders of the importance of protecting the resources provided by the Jaaukanigás Ramsar Site through its sustainable use.

Description of the centre

The Jaaukanigás Ramsar Site is 492,000 hectares in size and is located in the General Obligado Department, in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, one of the largest Ramsar sites in Argentina. The site is located between several biogeographical areas of the Americas: these include the representative habitats of the Chaco, with its red quebracho forests and Caranday palm groves; the Paranaense region, with its gallery forests and riverine forests; and the Pampean region with savannahs and grasslands dominated by diverse grasses.

In addition to this great variety of flora, there is also a great variety of fauna. There are 699 detected species of vertebrates, and invertebrates are abundant. Of the former, there are 240 fish, 36 amphibians, 55 reptiles, 300 birds and 68 mammals. The carayá monkey, the black caiman and plants such as the ambay and the palo jabón show that the area constitutes the southern distribution limit of several tropical species.


Work Areas

Main CEPA work area

Communication: awareness campaign for the protection and wise use of wetlands.

Media: written, radio and television media, social networks, electronic and printed leaflets, videos and messages.

Awareness-raising campaigns on Environmental Protection with the annual theme in different audiovisual and graphic media.

Theme of the year 2012: What is Jaaukanigás? Why do we have to take care of it? What do we do with the rubbish at home and in our neighbourhood? Rational use of water at home.

Intervention in the landscape of the Puerto Reconquista neighbourhood. Tree planting. Educational walks. Collection of materials, bottles and rubbish at weekends.

Artistic interventions with didactic purposes for the protection of the Ramsar site with children, young people and visitors using collected materials. Installation of static posters with the annual theme in strategic places in the Puerto Reconquista neighbourhood.

Workshop with target group of stakeholders : Children and women (mothers of participating children). Creation of the group Peñita Los Jaaukis - Future park rangers of the Puerto Reconquista neighbourhood. It is made up of children and young people living in the Ramsar Site Jaaukanigás who want to learn and carry out actions to protect the environment. It will be based at School No. 377 "Manuel Belgrano" of the Puerto Reconquista neighbourhood.

Frequency: once a week throughout the year. Place of the workshop: at the headquarters and in different outdoor landscapes. Home visits to the children's mothers and activities shared with the children, such as making ecological bags.

Making and delivery of the ECOGAME to the primary schools of the Jaaukanigás Ramsar Site through the involvement of the Ministry of Education of the Province of Santa Fe with the Education Region II.

Top three successes

Achievement 1: Implementation of the Awareness campaign.

Achievement 2: Creation of the workshop for children and women.



Interpretation techniques

Creating signage; site information; Producing written materials; Using audio-visual tools


Working with disabled people; Engaging hard-to-reach groups; Engaging young people; Engaging the local community; Working with volunteers

Education and communication

Early years education; Delivering adult education; Working with primary schools; Lobbying / running campaigns; Working with secondary schools; Developing resources / materials



Ana María Cainelli


Tel: 54-3482-15442499

Website address:

On Facebook : Peñita Los Jaaukis - Puerto Reconquista

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