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Wetland and Education Centre in Goniadz, The Biebrza Valley, Poland

Organisation name: Ptaki Polskie / Polish Birds

Overall aims of the centre

The centre is to provide education for & raise awareness in tourists visiting Biebrza National Park, help with education of children in local schools, especially by providing classroom / workshop / hands-on / multimedia facilities.

The centre is to teach both children and adults about the low land river and peat bog ecosystems, showing their importance for biodiversity and their role in the context of climate change.

The centre is also to become a study centre for students, academics and conservationists and will aim at playing a crucial role in training (also future) wetlands conservationists.
We will also explore the regional cooperation potential of the centre located in the North-East Poland in close proximity of Russia, Belarus and Lithuania.

Work Areas

Interpretation techniques

Creating signage / site information; producing written materials; using audio-visual tools.

Visitor centres

Setting up a new visitor centre; running a visitor centre; building / maintaining structures.


Working with disabled people; engaging young people; working with volunteers; engaging hard-to-reach groups; engaging the local community.

Education and communication

Working with primary schools; working with secondary schools; delivering adult education; lobbying / running campaigns; developing resources / materials.


Auditing / assessing effectiveness; running effective administration; fund-raising; PR and marketing; health and safety.


The Centre is to be built on an escarpment of the Biebrza River in Goniadz – in direct proximity of the river and the system of wetlands and peat bogs surrounding this still natural and unregulated river.

It will explain habitats to be found in the Biebrza River Valley and species connected with those habitats. The size is yet to be determined.


Jacek Karczewski

ul. Armii Krajowej

74/1, 81-844




0048 603 746 737 (mob.), 0048 58 555 83 50 (landline)

www.ptakipolskie.pl; www.jestemnaptak.pl