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One of the major objectives is to survey Rajasthan wetlands and to document wildlife and their habitat requirements, and to focus on the threats they face, especially anthropogenic.
This is a non government organisation with villagers, students and wildlife enthusiasts as members. Our survey sites are villages and urban areas.

The centre is self funded from a few nature lovers and by donations from our wildlife enthusiast members.

There is not yet a wetland centre.

Founded in November 2006


15 members work at the centre – not all permanent employees. They work on a voluntary basis.

In charge is Dr Ashok Verma, an ornithologist with a special interest in wetland birds and their monitoring.

We hold monthly meetings and all are informed about the programmes and delegated work. We then put up information seeking volunteers to work for our small projects in the colleges and schools.

Work Areas

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Formal (school and university) learning

There are programmes for schools and universities. Workshops and seminars address problems that wetlands face as well as biodiversity loss.
We also demonstrate how locals affect them and what they can do for the betterment of the wetlands and what conservation measures can be taken by them for the conservation of wetlands and wildlife therein.

We teach and provide basic training to teachers and local people about the importance of their wetland and how they can contribute to its management.

We have volunteers to assist us.


We recently held a conference on biodiversity of our state. Scientists and wildlife biologists were invited to present their work on wetlands and their wildlife.


Ashok Verma, Director SREE


Lata Verma, Member, Organising Committee