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Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. The funding of TEIA includes government projects, business cooperations, and private donation.

Established in June of 2001, Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization located in Taipei,Taiwan. TEIA consists of a bunch of activists long devoted themselves to environmental protection and has the missions to build the path to a world where human live harmoniously with nature.

The Environmental Trust (ET) Centre was established in 2006 to specifically manage different habitats and promote the Environmental Trust in Taiwan. It is a special department under TEIA and contained 5 full-time staff.


TEIA and ET centre don’t own any land and do not operate any physical public nature centre. However, we work with national park to manage mountain wetlands and work with the community to save the coast lagoon. Also, the Eco-Working Holiday held by ET centre is one of the most successful actions which bring public into wetlands and into habitat conservation.

There are 20 full-time staff working in TEIA, and 5 of them are working in Environmental Trust Centre.

Work Areas

Key species/features

Two ponds in an urban National Park: the ponds with the bushes and woodlands around form a perfect wetland ecosystem which maintains many precious endemic plants including Taiwan Isoetes,Taipei tree frog.

Biggest lagoon in Taiwan: The oyster farming is as famous as its Black-Faced Spoonbill in Chigu lagoon, no matter the nature or culture, here is so unique to be preserved carefully for ever and ever. However, the sandbank of this lagoon is rapidly losing and developing factories along the coast is considered as a method to raise the local income.

CEPA (Communications, education and public awareness) activities

TEIA acts as an independent media since beginning. It broadcasts domestic and international environmental news, leading articles and columns related to environmental issues daily through online news centre and e-paper. Now, TEIA is the biggest environmental information resources in Taiwan, and it is free, public and easy access for everyone.

TEIA believes that the understanding is the foundation; people care environment because they know it; protecting actions begins because people care.

Informal (general public) learning

Eco-Working Holiday (Eco-WH) is a new way to offer volunteer services. In brief, to take a WH is to participate in volunteer labour work during vacation from work or from school, and to serve society or environment through working and gain an unforgettable experience by connecting with lands and local communities.

TEIA started Eco-WH in Taiwanin 2004. Now, TEIA’s Environmental Trust Centre held more than 10 Eco-WHs each year to bring volunteers into wetlands. Tasks include removing invasive & dominative species, building the bamboo fence & planting vegetation to decrease the loss of sandbank along the lagoon.


TEIA holds the special Biodiversity Information Journalistic Volunteer Training Program?since 2006.

By this program, more and more people write environmental stories and broadcast life news through online news channel.

ET Centre holds the Environmental Trust Conference each year to discuss the habitat management with other conservation NGOs over the whole Taiwan.


Ms Joanne Sun

Director of Environmental Trust Centre

E: hjsun@e-info.org.tw

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