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The oldest Siberian wetland science school is affiliated at Tomsk State University. We research and monitor mires and peatlands on the West Siberian plain and mountains.


Work Areas

The key activities include:

Mires and peatlands inventory, management and conservation

Mire biological diversity research

Mire typology

Mire cartography using GIS-technologies

Mire vegetation classification

Peat deposits stratigraphy using macrofossil analysis

Mires environmental functions research

Biological productivity of mire ecosystems

Observation of mire landscape dynamics in connection with changing climateStudents are active participants of these works. The results of the research are to be included to the teaching process and reported at conferences.

The main aim of Tomsk State University Wetland Center is collection, analysis, generalization and dissemination of information on West Siberian mires and peatlands.


We base our activity on the conception of transformation of mires and peatlands in the conditions of modern climate change.

This problem is one of the topics of Aktru Summer School of TSU.

The summer 2013 event is announced here or here.


National Research Tomsk State University

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Sergey N. Kirpotin,

Director, “Bio-Clim-Land” Center of Excellence National Research Tomsk State University

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Irina I. Volkova, Head of Laboratory of Biogeocoenology, Research Institution of Biology and Biophysics TSU, PhD

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