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Tongli Administration

Funding support: Local Government

Number of staff: 50

Number of visitors per year: 50,000

Overall aims of the centre

Demonstration of wetland conservation, restoration and sustainable use for water area in Tai Lake Basin.
Key node of aquatic ecological environment restoration and biodiversity conservation in Tai Lake Basin.
Science and education base of wetland science and ecological civilization in Tai Lake Basin
Demonstration of park-community for co-managing, and the leisure place in which the urban residents and tourists can enjoy it.

Description of the centre

Tongli National Wetland Park is located in the northeast of Tongli Town, Wujiang District. It is about 80 kilometers from Shanghai-Hongqiao International Airport and 20 kilometers from Suzhou City, having the advantageous ecological environment and the accessible transport links, where is close to the road to Tongli and Zhouzhuang that the tourists must pass by.

The planned area of this wetland park is 1142.70 hectares, including the 920.15 hectares water area for the diverse wetland types. The wetland of the park is contains the lakes, rivers, swamp, marsh, ponds, artificial wetlands and so on, which is up to 80.52% of the wetlands of coverage.

Moreover, Tongli National Wetland Park is the archetype of the local wetland ecosystems protection, education, exhibition as well as the experienced one in wetland restoration and protection.

Work Areas

Main CEPA work areas

Carrying out the science education activities for the students.
Promoting the wetland conservation to the public.
Strengthening the cooperation with the universities and scientific institutions to conduct the scientific researches and academic exchanges.

Top three successes

Outward Bound.

People can take part in various outward interactive activities of Tongli National Wetland Park to exercise their bodies and minds into the eco-friendly surroundings.

Natural Classroom Teaching

Visitors can attend the science education activities of natural classroom organized by Tongli National Wetland Park to learn the wetland knowledge from the enjoyment, which make them realize that the importance of protecting the environment.

Sightseeing Cruise Pleasure-Boat

People can enjoy the natural beauty on the pleasure-boat along on the riverway of Tongli National Wetland Park. The ecological surroundings on both sides of the river which make you as much as to intoxicate and linger on.

Top three challenges

Strengthening the park – community co-management, trying to coordinate the relationship between the Wetland Park and the surrounding communities during its process.
Strengthening the supervision and management for the visitors and the protection of wetlands, effectively coordinating the relationship between the development and the protection of the wetland park.
Adhering to the protective principle in the process of development, realizing the protection of resources, ecological preservation, and economical conservation organically and harmoniously.


Interpretation techniques

Creating signage;

Building site information;

Compiling written materials;

Using audio-visual tools;

Developing nature trails

Visitor centres

Setting up a new visitor centre; Managing / creating habitat; Running a visitor centre; Building / maintaining structures


Working with disabled people; Engaging hard-to-reach groups; Engaging young people; Engaging the local community; Working with volunteers

Education and communication

Early years education; Delivering adult education; Working with primary schools; Lobbying / running campaigns; Working with secondary schools; Developing resources / materials


Auditing / assessing effectiveness; PR and marketing; Running effective administration; Health and safety; Fund-raising; Project planning.


General Manager: Pang Haiyan

Xiaodianhu Village, Tongli Town,

Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China.

Post Code: 215216

Tel: 0086-512-63191210

Fax: 0086-512-63191211


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