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East Atlantic flyway


Migratory Birds for People


Name of organisation

West African Bird Study Association WABSA

Funding support

GEF/MAVA/Birdlife InternationalGambia Govermen EU,ABC,PRCM

Number of staff


Number of visitors per year


Overall aims of the centre

Kartong bird sanctuary is importand bird areas whichh host lot of migratory bird for rooting and feeding

Description of the centre

West African Bird Study Association (WABSA) was formed in April 1994, by indigenous Gambian youths, who are concerned citizens to preserve the country’s flora and fauna.

WABSAs main objective is to support governmental and non-governmental agencies to formulate policies that will effectively and practically mainstream bird study and environmental protection, which play a vital role in sustainable development of the country.

The association is registered as charitable and non-profit making conservation non Government Organisation (NGO Reg N˚ 77). Its program of activities are based on objectivity and reflect on the current situation regarding birds, Environment and people.

The programmes are directed by the Board of Directors and The General membership.

Work Areas

Main CEPA work area

The activities are mangrove restoration environmental education in school and community, and establishing a community wetland reserve.

Top three successes

The activities which work well were: mangrove restoration

Establishment of community wetland

Established Site support groups at the PA

Awareness creation through environmental education

and monitoring of water birds

Top three challenges


Climate change

Over exploitation


Interpretation techniques


Visitor centres



Engaging young people; Engaging the local community; Working with volunteers

Education and communication

Delivering adult education; Working with primary schools; Lobbying / running campaigns; Working with secondary schools


Running effective administration; Health and safety; Project planning.


West African Bird Study Association
C/o Department of Parks and Wildlife Manangement
Abuko nature Reserve
email: kunowabsa@yahoo.com
Whatsapp 002207455085


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