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Name of organisation

WORLD ECHOES MEDIA GROUP/Cameroon Climate Journalism Network (CCJN)

Funding support

Local Council, non state bodies, elites and goodwill donor in the country who admire our land Media action campaigns for nature conservation, peace building and sustainable development.

Number of staff

7 permanent Regional representative since we are national, 4 permanent staffs at the head office in Bamenda, comprising of the Executive Director, Sectary Gen, Chief of Personnel, chief of Programs and project managing a cross section of temporal project staffs and volunteers who are about 50 in number. Our Climate Journalism Network CCJN members form part of our facilitating team for capacity or skill workshops and extension works.

Number of visitors per year

Not less than 1000 for media services, 100 for humanitarian assistance and not less than 50 students from schools and universities come for findings and research. Since we run a temporal climate resource and research center.

Overall aims of the centre

Is to through our Media Organization and Cameroon Climate Journalism Network CCJN in the process of awareness creation build a solid network of land media actors at the fore front of nature protection and conservation through community mobilization and participation for sustainable development.

Description of the centre

WORLD ECHOES MEDIA GROUP and Auxiliary Cameroon Climate Journalism Network CCJN is a Multidimensional Media organization in Cameroon that operates at national and local level.
The media organization is into Diversified news reporting for social change, climate ventures, nature based solution actions and social Humanitarian activities.
The Media agency of the group runs three newspaper, World Echoes newspaper, World Echoes Journal against climate change and Climate Bulletin Weekly. They are for the purpose information communication and technology.
The project department under the cooperate responsibility program of the group manages, land media actors under Cameroon Climate Journalism Network and carry out nature based solution programs.
Our team of land media experts form part of the project management staff and coordinates the execution of our collective development projects.
We have 3 Regional offices, the head office in Bamenda, the climate resource and research center plus the climate action zone in Bambui. And a 100000 capacity sustainable nursery for the rehabilitation of the Tubah forest environment in the making, still in Bambui.

Work Areas

Main CEPA work area

The media agency of our group is into Diversified news reporting social change that is why we run three different newspapers all for free information communication and transmission (World Echoes newspaper, World Echoes Journal against climate change and Climate Bulletin Weekly).
The land media umbrella network formed by the group Cameroon Climate Journalism Network, runs a series of campaigns conceived, managed and executed by the same body. Under the Canopy of Climate Demand Action CDA campaign, the group is currently running the climate solution action program for schools under climate education, CCEVA that is Cameroon Climate Evangelism Program which is a faith based approach to climate Resilience is another campaign program for nature protection amongst many.
The group is known reputed in Cameroon for their climate media based ventures, initiatives and realization.
Organized Cameroon’s pioneer climate justice Award in September 2022 rewarding individuals, organizations and institutions who have selflessly been contributing to the social welfare of the environment.
We are into community and media mobilization for conservation and restoration of nature.
We are just from celebrating World wetland day 2023 with the media that WLI can confirm because we registered our activities of the day and carried out, World environment day just passed on the 5th 2023 and we celebrated with Bambui Rural women.

Top three successes

Our diversified news reporting actions and efforts,
The climate justice Award we organized in 2022;
The Climate Demand Action CDA campaign Program;
The 100000 sustainable nursery program for forest rehabilitation and wetland Restoration in Bambui;

These four program all under realization has worked enormously for an exhaustive awareness campaign, has a lot to do with education, participation and development.

Top three challenges

To the best of our Knowledge, we have registered no failures but for minor challenges at the beginning, that is starting up a new project and introducing new concept on conservation and restoration to a group of people or women finding it new.
1, Media Needs,
2, Insufficient Resources
3, lack collective involvement at times.


Interpretation techniques

Producing written materials;

Visitor centres

Managing / creating habitat; Building / maintaining structures


Engaging young people; Engaging the local community; Working with volunteers

Education and communication

Delivering adult education; Working with primary schools; Lobbying / running campaigns; Working with secondary schools


Auditing / assessing effectiveness; PR and marketing; Running effective administration; Health and safety; Fund-raising; Project planning.


Tamukong Roland Angong

Bambui, Tubah Sub-Division, Mezam,Bamenda, North West Region Cameroon


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